Moblie - Stationary Zip Line Kits at the Lowest prices
Moblie - Stationary Zip Line Kits at the Lowest prices

ZipZONE can be a Mobile or Stationary Self standing apparatus, as part of our Spider Mountain, Rock Climbing Wall, Combos or Staircase. Obviously, the more extra activities you have the more you make it a challenge to get to the launch platform.


Mobile ZipZONES set up time is less than 30 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mobile ZipZone Package:
* Overall height 28'
* Platform is 20’
* Secured and Enclosed Launch Platform
* Up to 2 ZipZones per mobile device
* VARIABLE distances on mobile devices can be traveled by riders.     
Solely depends on venue logistics, from 75 to 200 & Stationary, up to 1,000

* Zip Line Cable Termination Attachment for hitch
* 18" Rated Turnbuckles, including tools to tighten
* Analog Dynamometers aka. Tension Meters
* 2 ZIP STOP Automatic Retracting Braking Devices
* Enclosed Tamper-free housing for The ZIP STOP Device
* 2 Brake Trolleys
* 2 Trolleys with handles
* 6 Full-body Harnesses + 1 Operators harness
* 6 Adjustable Rider Tethers
* 1 Operator Tether
* Dual-Axle Trailer
* 1 diamond plated tool box
* 2 or 2 5/16 optional ball, round 7 flat pin electrical brake connection
* 2 Spring Axles (7000 lb. overall weight) with electric brakes and full size spare tire
* Hydraulic lift system for easy setup as is with all of Vertical Reality trailers

Steel Finish Options:

* Powder Coated
* Hot Dipped Galvanized
* Epoxy Coated
* Rhino Coated

Stationary ZipZONES:
Vertical Reality provides custom zip line solutions as no two zip lines are exactly alike. Local terrain, distance between termination points, type of anchor, and the weight of the riders are only some of the variables that come into play when designing a zipline. Our experience in designing and rigging ZipZone ziplines in a variety of settings has allowed us to create a configurable solution that will work for you.

mobile rock climbing walls
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ZipZone uses the zipSTOP braking system. This system will revolutionize the Rope Challenge Course and ZIP Line Industries.

With the ability to brake participants safely at high velocities, the zipSTOP will fill a critical need for ZipZone operatorsThe zipSTOP uses a self-regulating magnetic braking system to brake zipline participants safely and comfortably.

An eddy current brake, like a conventional friction brake, is responsible for slowing an object, such as a train or a roller coaster. However, unlike electro-mechanical brakes, which apply mechanical pressure on two separate objects, eddy current brakes slow an object by creating eddy currents through electromagnetic induction which create resistance, and in turn either heat or electricity.

More importantly than any of thing else however is that we truly have an incredibly smooth braking system that is not only the easiest and safest on the market to use but also rider friendly. It automatically adjusts to weights of different size people and therefore can accommodate a much greater weight range of users. Also, the tensioning required of ours is less than 1/3 of their steel cable.

In the case of the zip stop or rollercoaster which use similar braking systems , they utilize permanent magnets instead of electromagnets, thus not requiring any power supply.
Description: zipline manufacteraur

Key benefits of the zipSTOP
braking system include

  • Eddy current braking technology
  • Variable rider weights and speeds
  • Controlled braking distance
  • Low operational cost
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Environmentally stable
Minimum Rider Weight: 33 lb (15 kg)
Maximum Rider Weight: 275 lb (125 kg)
Maximum impact speed: 37 mph/60 kph
ZipSTOP vs. hydraulic braking systems

1. ZipZONE accommodates a wider range of ages and weights of participants than do hydraulic systems. (22lbs to 330 lbs range). This means that your customer market is higher with your product. (all ages and weights vs. some ages and weights).

2. Due to ZipSTOP’s proprietary self-regulating braking system, the deceleration G-value is indistinguishable between rider weights. (In Hydraulic installations, the deceleration will be much more jarring and abrupt in general, and much more pronounced – even uncomfortable - in lighter weight riders.)

3. An installation with ZipSTOP can accommodate much higher rider velocities. In the case of Mobile Zips, this has a couple of advantages:

a.) it will allow you to design toward the industry trend, i.e. higher, faster, longer;

b.) It will allow you to set up your mobile ZipZONE on non-level ground - this expands potential venues.

4. Additionally, since ZipZONE can accommodate higher and lower speeds, the installation will remain operational when others aren't. (For example, when there's a strong head or tail wind).

5. Hydraulic is messy and requires significant maintenance (checking/filling oil level, pressurizing the tank, removing the covers to inspect pulleys, etc). ZipZONE requires inspections, but all are exposed - and the unit is virtually maintenance free.

6. ZipSTOP is safer because it has a more reliable reset. (Hydraulic reset depends upon the pressurization of the air tank, which depends upon human diligence.)

7. Annual operational cost is significantly higher with Hydraulic systems. For example, replacement of cable can get expensive, both in material cost and in the added length required to obtain their large reduction. Inspections on hydraulics take more time and require more steps, as well. Alternatively, ZipSTOP uses a textile product with a minimal reduction ratio. Additionally, the costs of annual inspection are much higher in Hydraulic devices, and require a technician visit. ZipSTOP only requires a $200 recertification annually, via mail or we could come to you for an additional fee.


It is NOT ONLY light weight and easy to set-up, but also stronger than any rope or steel cable. Our cable requires less than ˝ of the tensioning that is required by Steel Cable. With a breaking strength of 11 tons, our cable provides for a quiet, comfortable, extremely safe and free flying sensation. No friction, Vibration-free cable which prolongs the life of the ZipZone™ components.

Low maintenance and replacement costs.

Low tensioning allows for you to requires only ONE vehicle for TWO zipline anchors.

The elongation capacity of this plastic cable allows it to take a position at an angle at which the cable can withstand the additional strain without approaching its breaking point. The elastic memory of this plastic cable allows it to return to its initial position which eliminates the need for interventions of retightening after occasional strains due to large temperature differences or a temporary overload. As well, for stationary locations, replacement of a steel cable with our plastic cable can significantly reduce the permanent strain on trees.

A 12 mm diameter steel cable weighs about 600 g per meter. Our 18 mm diameter plastic cable, for the same application, weighs only 300 g per meter. For a 150-meter zipline ZipZone the weight of steel cable creates a permanent load of about 650 KgF at 175°. The weight is not concentrated in the middle of the cable but distributed between two trees. For the same position, the tension exerted by our cable is only about 325 KgF. Under the effect of an occasional overload, that is to say under the weight of a person, our cable only passes from 175° to 170° and undergoes an additional tension limited to about 480 KgF for a person weighing 80 Kg. The weight of a person of 80 Kg on a steel cable leads to an additional tension of 800 KgF.

Additional Data:
When temperature increases, the plastic cable contracts and steel cable expands. When temperature decreases, tension of steel cable increases and tension of the plastic cable decreases.

To obtain a tension of 600 KgF in midsummer, a steel cable should be stretched at 900 KgF in winter. In winter a tension of 300 KgF will be sufficient for our plastic cable. Under heat influence, the cable will be stretched at 400 KgF in summer. The use of our cable allows you to keep the tension very low in winter and to have sufficient stretching in summer. On the average the tension is divided by two.
Indoor and Outdoor Mobile or Stationary Can be combined with Rock Wall, Bungee Trampoline, Slide or all Coated with a proprietary industrial epoxy paint to prevent rust, which is superior to any painting process including powder coating The perfect jumping system for your facility or business venture. With our extensive range of Bungee Trampoline systems, we can design a version that fits your needs and budget. Bungee Trampoline systems can be either mobile or stationary, for indoor and outdoor use. Pioneering the rock climbing revolution in the ‘90’s, Vertical Reality, the originators of the mobile Zip Lines, have consistently manufactured the safest and most reliable rock climbing systems. In the same fashion we brought Rock Climbing to the masses by making them mobile, Vertical Reality has now done so with Rope Challenge Courses. With the addition of a MEGA or MINI Ropes Course attraction, Vertical Reality has expanded the range of activities for the participant.
* Alabama Zip Lines
* Alaska Zip Lines
* Arizona Zip Lines
* Arkansas Zip Lines
* California Zip Lines
* Colorado Zip Lines
* Connecticut Zip Lines
* Delaware Zip Lines
* Florida Zip Lines
* Georgia Zip Lines
* Hawaii Zip Lines
* Idaho Zip Lines
* Illinois Zip Lines
* Indiana Zip Lines
* Iowa Zip Lines
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* New Jersey Zip Lines
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* New York Zip Lines
* North Carolina Zip Lines
* North Dakota Zip Lines
* Ohio Zip Lines
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* Oregon Zip Lines
* Pennsylvania Zip Lines
* Puerto Rico Zip Lines
* Rhode Island Zip Lines
* South Carolina Zip Lines
* South Dakota Zip Lines
* Tennessee Zip Lines
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* Virginia Zip Lines
* Virgin Islands Zip Lines
* Washington Zip Lines
* West Virginia Zip Lines
* Wisconsin Zip Lines
* Wyoming Zip Lines

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Moblie - Stationary Zip Line Kits at the Lowest prices
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